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baseline.src 345221
The Source Code to a SNES Demo called "baseline" from WiSH (1992-1993)
box_swc.txt 3451
A Review of the SNES game copiers "Game Boxer" and "Super Wild Card"
bubsyii.txt 3565
Review of Bubsy for the SNES by Accolade
cable.txt 3693
The Read-Write Cable between the Amiga and Magicom Copier (SNES)
cart_connector.txt 2326
The Pin-Outs of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Cartridge, by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
cdmos.txt 5625
Information on Nintendo's 32 Bit Console by Modesta (November 13, 1992)
cdvsnes.txt 14146
The Mega CD Versus the Super NES. The Battle is Waged
comgb 41001
The Complete Nintendo Gameboy v3.0 by M.S. Manley (November 6, 1994)
confid.txt 2525
A Legal Threat from Nintendo to users of SNES Copiers
copy_rom.txt 7155
How to use the SMC files for the SNES without spending 300 pounds on a copier with 16M of memory
csr-code.txt 10802
How to Code for the SNES by Corsair (With Tons of Tag Files before and after)
erage.zap 5884
Zapp! Issue #6 by Scott N. Weller (SNES Information)
expansion_port.txt 1782
Pinout of an Nintendo Entertainment System Expansion Connector by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
fairligh.txt 20739
A source code exmaple from Fairlight on driving the hardware of a SNES
gamemedc.txt 14278
Game Medic, by Mr. Turbo of the Silicon Valley Swappe Shoppe (Read and playback Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo cartridges)
games93.txt 8710
Games to be Released This Year (1993) for the Super Nintendo
ggguide 10041
The Game Genie Guide SNES Version 1.5 by Jay McGavren (January 22, 1995)
how2code.txt 6932
The First Guide To Coding The SNES by Pan of BASELINE 2091 (April 20, 1993)
ls161_bankswitching.txt 5799
LS161 Bank Switching Information by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
mmc1.txt 1261
The MMC1 Chip Pins by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
mmc2.txt 1997
MMC2 Chip Information by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
mmc3.txt 2086
The MMC3 Chip by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
mmc5.txt 3906
The MMC5 Chip by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
mmc6.txt 2209
The MMC6 Chip by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
nes.txt 24530
The Nintendo Entertainment System Architecture Version 1.4 (September 9, 1996) by Marat Fayzullin
nes1mbit.txt 872
Pinout for Konami and Nintendo ROMs for 1 Mbit Models
nes_cart.lst 65244
List of Cartridges for the Nintendo Entertainment System
nes_cpu.txt 1905
Pinouts of the Nintendo Entertainment Systems CPU by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
nes_ppu.txt 1410
Pinouts of the Nintendo Entertainment System PPU by Kevin Horton (khorton@iquest.net)
new_cop.txt 2868
Descriptions of Various Copiers for the Super Nintendo (October 22, 1992)
nintendo.jok 6157
Leo L. Schwab goes nuts over the Nintendo Cereal System
nintendo.txt 4497
The Nintendo Game Ratings Report
niten.txt 3063
Nintendo Joins in Seizure Against Illegal Bulletin Board Software (Press Release)
nlockout.txt 11824
Disabling the NES "Lockout Chip" verison 0.4 (September 22, 1997)
sample.src 12961
Source Code for the SNES (Text Intro by Pan) 1993
screen.txt 8345
SNES Graphics Info File v1.0 by DAX (February 28, 1993)
skinny.txt 2329
The Skinny on NES Scrolling by Loopy (April 13th, 1999)
snes-pin 2465
Pinouts for the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systtem
snes.0 3366
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus
snes.1 31124
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus
snes.2 1736
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus (Color Characteristics)
snes.3 27490
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus (Using Tiles)
snes.4 1657
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus (Playfields)
snes.5 3948
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus (Sprites)
snes.6 1815
SNES Documentation v2.17: Written by Yoshi of Digital Exodus (Registers)
snes.cht 73009
The SNES/SFC Cheats and Spoilers List by Robert DeLoura (December 1st, 1992)
snes1192.txt 48526
Complete List of Cheats for the Super Nintendo
snes_v13.txt 3293
snesjam.txt 6887
NBA JAM For Super Nintendo FAQ Version 2.1
snestips.txt 16735
Hints for the Super Nintendo (January 1993) by Unitrax
spitball.txt 2930
Review of Pitfall: the Mayhem Adventure for SNES
spoilers 261139
The SNES Cheats and Spoilers List by Tony Iaconetti (December 9, 1994)
truth.txt 1199
The Truth About the new Nintendo SNES Copiers by Aladin
wizeng.txt 2146
Playing Wizardry V/SNES in English
zelda.txt 11604
A Rant by Leo L. Schwab about the Nintendo Cereal System
zlda3faq 94552
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past SNES FAQ (Version 1.3)
zlda3ref 11310
Spoiler File for Legend of Zelda Link to the Past for SNES (April 15, 1993)

There are 57 files for a total of 1,278,070 bytes.