School Reports and Term Papers: The ACE Collection

In 1994, Arrogant Couriers with Essays (ACE) went back to basics and improved the distribution methods, classification, and approach to online school essays. The result is this large collection of reports, stories, and summaries of an amazing range of subjects. The efforts of this group to accomplish both usefulness and speed of research are reflected in the (mostly) accurate summaries and classifications that appear at the top of the files. If known, the grade level, state, and the occasional short review are given for easy browsing.

Regardless of the opinion of these sort of "cheat sheets", the implementation is admirable.

Description of the Textfile
00index.txt 124962
Index of the .NFO Files of the ACE Report Collection
10hist.txt 25682
ACE ESSAY: United States Government
10story.txt 22380
ACE ESSAY: A Short Story Based on Mice and Men
12night.txt 7432
ACE ESSAY: A Characterization on Changes that Occur in Viola in Twelfth Night
17thplus.txt 4819
ACE ESSAY: How Power of France and England Increased During the 17th Century
1960s.txt 17513
ACE ESSAY: The 1960's: What Happened, Why, and the Effect
1984.txt 19257
ACE ESSAY: Essay on George Orwell
20s.txt 6198
ACE ESSAY: The Roarin' 20's and Different Aspects of It
2brain.txt 8475
ACE ESSAY: The Different Sides of the Brain, and What They Do
2impact.txt 5866
ACE ESSAY: Van Damme Movie "Double Impact"
3jesus.txt 8279
ACE ESSAY: Jesus, and What Made Him So "Perfect"
3pres.txt 4477
ACE ESSAY: Brief Biography on Presidents Jackson, Van Buren and Harrison
a-i-wars.txt 12376
ACE ESSAY: Report on the Arab-Israeli Wars
abort.txt 5820
ACE ESSAY: Pro-Life Abortion Stance
abort4.txt 11689
ACE ESSAY: Essay on the Illegalization of Abortion
abortin.txt 3706
ACE ESSAY: Abortion Essay
abortio2.txt 10124
ACE ESSAY: Abortion Essay
abortion.txt 27644
ACE ESSAY: Who Really Cares about Abortion
abortn2.txt 3706
ACE ESSAY: Essay for Woman's Right to Choose Abortion
absurd.txt 4822
ACE ESSAY: Existentialism
abuse.txt 4591
ACE ESSAY: Impact of Abuse on a Child and What is Affected in the Process
ace-0495.nfo 6906
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (April, 1995)
ace-0695.nfo 6885
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (June, 1995)
ace-0794.nfo 4216
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (July, 1994)
ace-0894.nfo 5755
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (August, 1994)
ace-0994.nfo 4875
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (September, 1994)
ace-1094.nfo 5066
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (October, 1994)
ace-1194.nfo 5582
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (November, 1994)
ace-1294.nfo 5899
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (December, 1994)
ace-1295.nfo 3524
NFO: The Organization of Arrogant Couriors with Essays (December, 1995)
achilles.txt 21070
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Achilles Anophthesis
acid.txt 3951
ACE ESSAY: Acid Rain
acidrain.txt 29567
ACE ESSAY: Causes/Effects and Other Issues of Acid Rain
adams.txt 5999
ACE ESSAY: Abigail Adams
advice.txt 3343
ACE ESSAY: Advice Often Recieved from Parents
afarm.txt 7464
ACE ESSAY: Historical Background to "Animal Farm"
afhist.txt 7376
ACE ESSAY: History of "Animal Farm"
afrcaexp.txt 7316
ACE ESSAY: Famous Explorers of Africa
aids-1.txt 21731
aids-2.txt 24285
ACE ESSAY: What's New with AIDS
aids-3.txt 16774
aids-ap.txt 10445
ACE ESSAY: The Criminalization of Knowlingly Transmitting AIDS
aids.txt 58544
ACE ESSAY: Conspiracy Theory on the Government Starting AIDS
air-sims.txt 4641
ACE ESSAY: Eye Tracking Techniques Improving the Realism of Aircraft Simulation
alchemy1.txt 25094
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Alchemy
alexandr.txt 14085
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Hooking Up Radar to the Home PC System
algernon.txt 6060
ACE ESSAY: Flowers for Algernon
allquiet.txt 8795
ACE ESSAY: Comparison of Lord of the Flies and All Quiet on the Western Front
alzheim.txt 8276
ACE ESSAY: Question and Answer Sheet for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
amendnts.txt 21730
ACE ESSAY: Amendments of the US COnstitution
amerevol.txt 4084
ACE ESSAY: The American Revolution
ancientm.txt 4896
ACE ESSAY: The Ancient Mariner
angina.txt 6871
ACE ESSAY: What is an Angina and What is the Cure
anmlrite.txt 5186
ACE ESSAY: The Benefits of Animal Research
anmrit2.txt 6853
ACE ESSAY: Against the Use of Medical Testing on Animals
anne.txt 4987
ACE ESSAY: The Diary of Anne Frank
annefran.txt 4560
ACE ESSAY: The Diary of Anne Frank
anthro.txt 4508
ACE ESSAY: Being Environmentally Aware
anti-mat.txt 9238
ACE ESSAY: Anti-Matter
antibi.txt 12704
ACE ESSAY: Antibiotics
antibody.txt 5218
ACE ESSAY: Using QM212 for Treating Diseases
anticomm.txt 7814
ACE ESSAY: The World Anti-Communist League - "Inside the League"
antinuc.txt 8669
ACE ESSAY: Against Nuclear Power
ap-art.txt 7320
ACE ESSAY: The Holy Trinity and the Isenheim Altarpiece
ap-napol.txt 21979
ACE ESSAY: Napolean of Europe (Spanish)
april.txt 3995
ACE ESSAY: Five Days of April
arab-jew.txt 12455
ACE ESSAY: The Four Major Arab-Israeli Wars
arevolt.txt 5447
ACE ESSAY: The American Revolution
arevolt2.txt 7847
ACE ESSAY: Events Leading Up to the American Revolution
argent.txt 2104
ACE ESSAY: Argentina
argumen2.txt 4361
ACE ESSAY: Dress COdes and Restructions are Vital
argument.txt 3435
ACE ESSAY: An Argumentative Essay
arkwrigh.txt 6703
ACE ESSAY: Sir Rich Arkwright
armadill.txt 4137
ACE ESSAY: The Armadillo
arms.txt 6691
ACE ESSAY: Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
art.txt 5064
ACE ESSAY: Notes on Art
artficia.txt 6005
ACE ESSAY: Artificial Life
arthstry.txt 4888
ACE ESSAY: The Expansion of Arther's Battle with the Giant
arthur.txt 3929
ACE ESSAY: King Arthur
artprop.txt 17101
ACE ESSAY: Proposal for an Advanced Art Project
asimov.txt 6864
ACE ESSAY: Asimov on Our Dependence on COmputers
attitude.txt 39732
ACE ESSAY: It All Begins with Attitudes
autobio.txt 8654
ACE ESSAY: Autobiography Paper
autoreck.txt 4881
ACE ESSAY: Interpretive Essay on Shapiro's Poem "Auto Wreck"
aware.txt 9708
ACE ESSAY: Essay on the Culturally Unaware
baby-eye.txt 4973
ACE ESSAY: University of Toronto Professors Find Better Ways to Test Sight in Babies
bakke.txt 12293
ACE ESSAY: Allan Bakke As a Target of Reverse Discrimination
baltics.txt 63835
ACE ESSAY: The Baltics: Nationalities and Other Problems
banting.txt 10076
ACE ESSAY: Canadian Physiologist Sir Frederick Grant Banting
barmitza.txt 3967
ACE ESSAY: What A Bar Mitzvah is
basker.txt 6941
ACE ESSAY: Hound of the Baskervilles
battchss.txt 3458
ACE ESSAY: Report on Battle Chess
beethov.txt 3392
ACE ESSAY: Notes on Beethoven's 8th Sonata
behave.txt 2824
ACE ESSAY: Why You Should Not Throw Things in Class
belgar.txt 7306
ACE ESSAY: Pawn of Prophecy by David Edding
benin.txt 4540
ACE ESSAY: Benin of West Africa
berkley.txt 17026
ACE ESSAY: Philosopher Berkeley and His View of God
big-bang.txt 28499
ACE ESSAY: Originas and Bibliography of the Big Bang Theory
bigbang.txt 9209
ACE ESSAY: How the Universe Began
bigchill.txt 3793
ACE ESSAY: Symbolism of the Movie The Big Chill
bkreport.txt 8457
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: THe Language of Leadership
black.txt 9113
ACE ESSAY: The Black Hole
blocq.txt 11728
ACE ESSAY: Bloc Quebecois
bones-sp.txt 10979
ACE ESSAY: What Happens to Your Bones in Space
boo.txt 3125
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird: First Person Letter from Boo Radley
book.txt 5881
ACE ESSAY: Gillian, by Laurel Oke Logan
book2.txt 3798
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: The Island, by Gary Paulsen
bookrep.txt 4280
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: Odyssey 3 by Arthur C. Clarke
bookrep1.txt 8848
ACE ESSAY: The Eyes Have It
bookrep2.txt 6483
ACE ESSAY: Solo with Mokali, and Serial Killers
bookrep3.txt 5127
ACE ESSAY: The Tomorrow City by Monica Hughes
brain.txt 13091
ACE ESSAY: The Human Brain
brain2.txt 18942
ACE ESSAY: The Human Brain
brave.txt 7703
ACE ESSAY: Literary Critique of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World
brave2.txt 10515
ACE ESSAY: Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451
bronchit.txt 7225
ACE ESSAY: General Information on Bronchitis
brth_esy.txt 6022
ACE ESSAY: Creative Essay on a Birthday
bulgfact.txt 58679
ACE ESSAY: The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories
c-fire.txt 3396
ACE ESSAY: The Secrets of the Circle of Fire
c_americ.txt 5090
ACE ESSAY: Indians
c_r_b.txt 6769
ACE ESSAY: Roles of Cassio, Roderigo, and Brabantio in Othello
cadd.txt 6316
ACE ESSAY: Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)
caesar.txt 5992
ACE ESSAY: Julius Caesar
can.txt 7864
ACE ESSAY: The Americanization of Canada
canada.txt 12268
ACE ESSAY: Evolutional History of Canada
canada1.txt 5466
cancer.txt 3622
ACE ESSAY: Cancer in America
candu.txt 14198
ACE ESSAY: Nuclear Energy
capital.txt 5357
ACE ESSAY: Capital Punishment
carrie.txt 4500
ACE ESSAY: Sister Carrie by Dreiser
casals.txt 5252
ACE ESSAY: Pablo Casals, One of the Greatest Cellists
castle.txt 4086
ACE ESSAY: The History of Castles
castro.txt 22352
ACE ESSAY: How Castro Overthrew the Cuban Government
cathrin.txt 6610
ACE ESSAY: Catherine II, Empress of Russia
cdn-his.txt 10225
ACE ESSAY: The 1900's of Canada
censor.txt 6491
ACE ESSAY: The Need for Censorship
censorsh.txt 7953
ACE ESSAY: Censorship
centrl.txt 10362
ACE ESSAY: Central America, Past and Present
chabert.txt 12650
ACE ESSAY: Understanding of Balzac's Pessimistic View of Nineteenth Century Society
chall.txt 18666
ACE ESSAY: Effects of the Space Shuttle Challenger
charalik.txt 5595
ACE ESSAY: A Separate Peace's Internal Constant
chelten.txt 8722
ACE ESSAY: Cheltenham, North of Toronto
chem12ex.txt 18591
ACE ESSAY: Jarvis Collegiate Chemistry Exam
chile.txt 5056
ACE ESSAY: Chile (In Spanish)
china.txt 4232
ACE ESSAY: China's Great Progressin a Manned Space Program
china2.txt 7344
ACE ESSAY: China's Economic Future
chld-abu.txt 4913
ACE ESSAY: Child Abuse
cholera.txt 5305
ACE ESSAY: Cholera
christ.txt 8191
ACE ESSAY: The Three Important Qualities of Jesus Christ's Life
chromo.txt 6154
ACE ESSAY: Chromosome Probes
chrysal.txt 5777
ACE ESSAY: The Chrysalids and the Importance of Telepathy
cinema.txt 225693
ACE ESSAY: How Movies Work
civil2.txt 9037
ACE ESSAY: Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations
clancy.txt 15983
ACE ESSAY: Fiction Writer Tom Clancy
classics.txt 5923
ACE ESSAY: What Makes a Work of Literature With Some Examples, Too
clinton.txt 3739
ACE ESSAY: Bill Clinton and America
clipper.txt 3231
ACE ESSAY: Clipper Sailing Ships
coal.txt 14252
ACE ESSAY: The Revolt of Coal Miners in France
cold.txt 17046
ACE ESSAY: The Cold War
coldfusn.txt 5875
ACE ESSAY: The Chemical Process of Cold Fusion
colny.txt 8041
ACE ESSAY: The 13 Colonies
colonies.txt 7830
ACE ESSAY: The American Colonies
columbus.txt 4374
ACE ESSAY: Columbus
com-crim.txt 10052
ACE ESSAY: Computer Crime
comm.txt 6431
ACE ESSAY: Communication Processes Between People
comp1.txt 8608
ACE ESSAY: Information Needed for Certain Fields of Computers
compare.txt 4319
ACE ESSAY: Comparing and Contrasting Schools
comphist.txt 7607
ACE ESSAY: A Comparison of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia
compost.txt 18555
ACE ESSAY: Composting and the Grocery Industry
comprj.txt 9605
ACE ESSAY: Some Future Jobs with Computers
compu-ma.txt 11268
ACE ESSAY: Computers and Math
compu1.txt 7628
ACE ESSAY: Computers in Business
constitu.txt 6749
ACE ESSAY: The First Amendment and Its Past
convent.txt 12330
ACE ESSAY: Day by Day of the Constitutional Convention
copywrit.txt 6554
ACE ESSAY: Canada's Copyright Law
corp.txt 3064
ACE ESSAY: Why the Use of Corporal Punishment Is No Longer Valid
courbet.txt 9926
ACE ESSAY: Depiction of Gustave Courbet's Reclining Nude
cow.txt 15252
ACE ESSAY: Creative Story About a Cow
cpu-safe.txt 16333
ACE ESSAY: Protecting Your Computer
cpunish.txt 8943
ACE ESSAY: Capital Punishment
crapper.txt 3992
ACE ESSAY: Essay on the First Flush Toilet
cray.txt 5967
ACE ESSAY: Information on the Cray Supercomputer
creation.txt 3137
ACE ESSAY: Five Myth Comparison
crime&pu.txt 5226
ACE ESSAY: Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment
crime.txt 3578
ACE ESSAY: Rising Crime in America
criticl1.txt 4237
ACE ESSAY: Macbeth
critique.txt 4885
ACE ESSAY: Critique of the Statford Festival's Rendition of Measure for Measure
crucible.txt 6037
ACE ESSAY: The Crucible
crucify.txt 7278
ACE ESSAY: Analysis of Good and Evil in The Crucible
crucrevw.txt 4954
ACE ESSAY: The Crucible
crusade.txt 5198
ACE ESSAY: The Crusades
cu.txt 74703
ACE ESSAY: The Computer Underground (Hackers and Pirates)
cubanrev.txt 7955
ACE ESSAY: The Cuban Revolution and America's Involvement
cynic.txt 5752
ACE ESSAY: Huck Finn: Product of A True Cynic
dams.txt 8942
ACE ESSAY: The Effects of Dam Building
danggame.txt 3078
ACE ESSAY: General Zaroff in Richard Connell's Most Dangerous Game
darlene.txt 5003
ACE ESSAY: Understanding Behavior of a Person's State of Mind
darwin.txt 8616
ACE ESSAY: Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution
david2.txt 4295
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: I am David
deathpen.txt 5298
ACE ESSAY: Death Penalty
debate.txt 7309
ACE ESSAY: The Negative Effects of Hate Mongering
declar.txt 3265
ACE ESSAY: The Writing of the US Constitution
depres.txt 10161
ACE ESSAY: The Depression of the 1930's And How it was Unique
depres2.txt 19842
ACE ESSAY: The Great Depression
derek.txt 49297
ACE ESSAY: Creative Story on Derek, Who's High and Has Problems
desc-obj.txt 4003
ACE ESSAY: Descriptive Essay on a Piece of Clothing
desc-plc.txt 3519
ACE ESSAY: My Walden, my Place of Escape
desert.txt 9218
ACE ESSAY: Desertification
dest-ita.txt 6772
ACE ESSAY: Italy, a Great Place to Visit
diabete2.txt 4492
ACE ESSAY: 3 Toronto Scientists Who Have Found a Way to Reverse Diabetes
diabetes.txt 14240
ACE ESSAY: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes
dickens.txt 12915
ACE ESSAY: Great Expectations vs. Oliver Twist
die-cty.txt 7449
ACE ESSAY: How Glorious Is it To Die For Your Country
dinosaur.txt 8031
ACE ESSAY: Dinosaurs
disproof.txt 13239
ACE ESSAY: The Disproof and Proof of Everything
dove.txt 3511
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: Dove
dracula.txt 6021
ACE ESSAY: Bram Stoker's Dracula
dragon1.txt 5130
ACE ESSAY: Dragons
driflowr.txt 20174
ACE ESSAY: Preserving Dried Flowers
drinking.txt 9176
ACE ESSAY: Drinking and Driving Offences
drug_bus.txt 14552
ACE ESSAY: Drugs And Their Effect on the Workplace
dsales.txt 4361
ACE ESSAY: Death of a Salesman and How It Incorporates Symbols
dsales2.txt 5266
ACE ESSAY: Death of a Salesman: Willy Loman as a Pathetic, Tragic Hero
dsh.txt 20958
ACE ESSAY: Notes on Shakespeare's Hamlet
dthpnlt2.txt 4595
ACE ESSAY: Death Penalty
dunfound.txt 11788
ACE ESSAY: Comparison of Herbert's Dune and Asimov's Foundation Series
eco-budg.txt 3747
ACE ESSAY: Proposal to Cut the Budget Deficit
economic.txt 21216
ACE ESSAY: Economics
ed.txt 4831
ACE ESSAY: The Death Penalty
emacbeth.txt 4576
ACE ESSAY: How People are Portrayed in Macbeth
employee.txt 24321
ACE ESSAY: Negligent Hiring and Retention Laws
encountr.txt 18461
ACE ESSAY: A Hopeful Encounter (Creative)
endtimes.txt 3530
ACE ESSAY: Predictions of the End of the World as Told in The New Testament
energy.txt 4475
ACE ESSAY: Mechanical Energy
eng1984.txt 4011
ACE ESSAY: Ironies of 1984 by George Orwell
eng6.txt 12783
ACE ESSAY: British Authors Thinking Great Britian is Shaping World Events Through its Intelligence Agencies
engoac.txt 11675
ACE ESSAY: Jannette Turner Hospiral's 4 Vivid Femal Character In Her Two Novels
engrep.txt 6613
ACE ESSAY: Queen Elizabeth During Elizabethan Times
engshort.txt 4117
ACE ESSAY: The Story of the Goldfish and Fisherman
env-comp.txt 16707
ACE ESSAY: Composting and the Grocery Industry
erasmus.txt 4877
ACE ESSAY: The Humanist Desiderius Erasumus
ertquak.txt 3997
ACE ESSAY: Earthquakes near the San Francisco Fault
esa1.txt 6138
ACE ESSAY: Emily Murphy and Equal Rights
esanotes.txt 7180
ACE ESSAY: Emily Murphy
eschatol.txt 50719
ACE ESSAY: The Aviary, the Aquarium and Eschatology
esic.txt 10976
ACE ESSAY: The Endangered Species in Canada
esoteric.txt 17650
ACE ESSAY: A List of Opinions on Esoteric Practices such as Tarot Cards and Astrology
esp.txt 11635
ACE ESSAY: History of Extra-Sensory Perception
essas07.txt 5581
ACE ESSAY: Herman Wouk's The Winds of War
essay.txt 3575
ACE ESSAY: Comparison Between "Mice and Men" and "Flowers for Algernon"
essay12.txt 6640
ACE ESSAY: The Sword In the Stone
essay1r1.txt 6032
ACE ESSAY: Oedipus Riddles
euro.txt 5319
ACE ESSAY: Unification of Europe under the Maastrickt Treaty
european.txt 3661
ACE ESSAY: The Shocks of European Colonization
euthana.txt 20949
ACE ESSAY: Euthanasia
euthnasa.txt 3981
ACE ESSAY: Euthanasia
evoltn.txt 17230
ACE ESSAY: The Influence of Writers on Charles Darwin
evolve.txt 31383
ACE ESSAY: Account of the Origins of the CAT
excution.txt 13748
ACE ESSAY: The Effects of Drinking and Driving
existent.txt 4823
ACE ESSAY: The Plays of the Existential Movement
extraday.txt 5512
ACE ESSAY: The Controvery of the God's Longest Day Miracle
eye-sp.txt 8208
ACE ESSAY: The Human Eye in Space
eyes.txt 8865
ACE ESSAY: Their Eyes Are Watching God
fahr.txt 6009
ACE ESSAY: Psychiatric Evaluation of Guy Montag
fairy.txt 26678
ACE ESSAY: An Analysis of Children's Fairy Tales
farewell.txt 4362
ACE ESSAY: Farewell to Arms
fatessay.txt 4925
ACE ESSAY: Beowolf and Waiting for Godot Concerning Mood
fear.txt 5121
ACE ESSAY: How To Live with Feare
fearmac.txt 6992
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's MacBeth
feature.txt 3557
ACE ESSAY: What the World is Coming To: Crime in America
fibre.txt 5018
ACE ESSAY: Dietary Fibers
final.txt 8537
ACE ESSAY: Interpretation of Rushdie and Kazantzakis's Stories
fingrprn.txt 8437
ACE ESSAY: The Program to Fingerprint Children
fire.txt 9780
ACE ESSAY: Safety in Our Schools
firebomb.txt 19383
ACE ESSAY: Making a Firebomb
fly.txt 5307
ACE ESSAY: The Poem: The Fly
ford.txt 10431
ACE ESSAY: President Gerald Ford
forests2.txt 4742
ACE ESSAY: The Forests
fount.txt 7499
ACE ESSAY: The Fountainhead
fowles.txt 6977
ACE ESSAY: The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles
frankens.txt 9886
ACE ESSAY: Frankenstein
frechoic.txt 3742
ACE ESSAY: Abortion and Pro-Choice Arguments
freddy.txt 21083
ACE ESSAY: Nightmare on Elm Streat: The Dead of Night Script
free_ent.txt 4685
ACE ESSAY: Free Enterprise
freedoms.txt 9593
ACE ESSAY: The 60's and Freedom
freeterm.txt 18898
ACE ESSAY: Freedom in the First Amendment
freetr1.txt 9542
ACE ESSAY: The Free Trade Agreement and Its Effect on Canadian Business
frenchre.txt 4453
ACE ESSAY: The French Revolution
frnchrev.txt 15865
ACE ESSAY: The French Revolution
funnel.txt 7482
ACE ESSAY: How Evil is the Underlying Element in life
furtrade.txt 6491
ACE ESSAY: The Trapping of Animals
fusion.txt 6966
ACE ESSAY: Fusion Energy
futofman.txt 4789
ACE ESSAY: The Possible Future of Man
gandhi.txt 10239
ACE ESSAY: Mohandas Gandhi
gangs.txt 10544
ACE ESSAY: Gangs in Today's Cities
gats.txt 4941
ACE ESSAY: Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
gatsby.txt 6219
ACE ESSAY: The Great Gatsby and The Central Figure
genetict.txt 3414
ACE ESSAY: What Skils Geneticists Require
geo.txt 6939
ACE ESSAY: Canada's Geopolitical Role in the Future Including NAFTA
geo1.txt 14584
ACE ESSAY: The Iraqui War with Saddam Hussien
geo2.txt 8121
gerhit.txt 13021
ACE ESSAY: The History of Adolph Hitler
glass.txt 5674
ACE ESSAY: The Glass Menangerie
glasses.txt 7018
ACE ESSAY: Creative Story
godexist.txt 40564
ACE ESSAY: The Case for the Existence of God
godot.txt 4940
ACE ESSAY: Waiting for Godot
grapes.txt 4358
ACE ESSAY: Grapes of Wrath
greatex.txt 4360
ACE ESSAY: Great Expectations
greatwar.txt 5244
ACE ESSAY: Great War for Empire
greek.txt 8305
ACE ESSAY: Greek Architecture
grenades.txt 4222
ACE ESSAY: Grenades
growth.txt 10687
ACE ESSAY: Baby Growth and Development
guncontr.txt 4881
ACE ESSAY: Gun Control
gunctrl2.txt 4234
ACE ESSAY: Gun Control
gunpdplt.txt 5051
ACE ESSAY: The Poem Gunpowder Plot by Vernon Scannell
guns.txt 17189
ACE ESSAY: Gun Control and Violence in Canada and the US
ham500.txt 3973
ACE ESSAY: Hamlet's Character
ham800.txt 6849
ACE ESSAY: The Tragedy of Hamlet
hamlet.txt 13151
ACE ESSAY: Hamlet and Its Theme of Tragedy
hamlet1.txt 8413
ACE ESSAY: Hamlet Scene Summaries
hamlet2.txt 6670
ACE ESSAY: Contrast Between Laertes and Hamlet
hamlet3.txt 6614
ACE ESSAY: Hamlet Displays Anti-Heroism
handel.txt 5747
ACE ESSAY: George Frederick Handel
harry.txt 11073
ACE ESSAY: Harry Shippe Truman
hawaii.txt 28220
ACE ESSAY: Hawaii (Novel)
health.txt 10692
ACE ESSAY: Do Multiple Personalities Really Exist
healthc.txt 4554
ACE ESSAY: Concern of the Health Care System
heming.txt 5484
ACE ESSAY: Hemmingway
hemingwa.txt 4369
ACE ESSAY: Past Meridian
hemp.txt 30536
ACE ESSAY: Hemp from the April 1990 high Times Magazine
henry.txt 10028
ACE ESSAY: Henry Ford
henry4.txt 4246
ACE ESSAY: The Play Henry IV and Similarities
heredity.txt 7461
ACE ESSAY: Genetics and Heredity Report
hero.txt 7682
ACE ESSAY: Contrast of Mark Sway, Dirk Pitt, Dragon and Beowulf
hfinchar.txt 3396
ACE ESSAY: Notes on the Characters of the Book Huckleberry Finn
his-trm.txt 56362
ACE ESSAY: 16 Most Significant Events in History between 1789 and 1975
history.txt 14625
ACE ESSAY: History Terms
history1.txt 7404
ACE ESSAY: The Dreyfus Affair and How it Was Caused by Anti-Semitism
hlthplan.txt 12582
ACE ESSAY: The Clinton Health Plan
hmltchr.txt 7344
ACE ESSAY: Hamlet's Character Traits
hmt.txt 6261
ACE ESSAY: A Handmaid's Tale
hnryviii.txt 5611
ACE ESSAY: England's King Henry the 8th
holden.ace 6596
ACE ESSAY: How We Can Relate to Holden in Catcher in the Rye
holden.txt 7345
ACE ESSAY: The Catcher in the Rye's Holden Caulfield
holoessa.txt 6800
ACE ESSAY: The Holocaust
hologram.txt 7538
ACE ESSAY: Holograms
home-gad.txt 8827
ACE ESSAY: 19th Century Technology in our Homes
homeless.txt 6356
ACE ESSAY: Homeless People
homework.txt 11297
ACE ESSAY: A Young Boy Losing His Parents (Creative)
hoover.txt 10850
ACE ESSAY: Herbert Hoover
horner.txt 10862
ACE ESSAY: Canada's Ideal Population
huckfinn.txt 9530
ACE ESSAY: Huckleberry Finn
humanism.txt 4750
ACE ESSAY: Humanism and Its Changes Over Time
hurrican.txt 5023
ACE ESSAY: Hurricanes
immigran.txt 8704
ACE ESSAY: Hurricanes
imposter.txt 10404
ACE ESSAY: Mimicry in Nature
indessay.txt 6884
ACE ESSAY: Will Computers control Humans in the Future
indian.txt 6586
ACE ESSAY: Native People in Modern Society
interlaw.txt 24642
ACE ESSAY: Extradition of Nazi War Criminals
intervie.txt 9743
ACE ESSAY: Interview on a Person of the 1960's
invent.txt 12782
ACE ESSAY: Inventions of the 19th Century
invisman.txt 7401
ACE ESSAY: The Invisible Man
iran.txt 5094
ACE ESSAY: The Iran-Contra Affair
isp.txt 14327
ACE ESSAY: Charles Dickens
it.txt 5833
ACE ESSAY: Stephen King's "IT"
ivory.txt 3459
ACE ESSAY: Small Geographic Essay About the Ivory Coast
jackson.txt 10307
ACE ESSAY: President Jackson
jamaic1.txt 25750
ACE ESSAY: The Jamaica 'Mon
jap-amer.txt 8651
ACE ESSAY: The Japan-US Trade War
jap-inf.txt 7929
japan.txt 12015
ACE ESSAY: Japan, from Post-WWII to 1952
japschol.txt 3510
ACE ESSAY: The Japanese School System
jcaesar.txt 3958
jeffrson.txt 5186
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Jefferson
jerusale.txt 3456
ACE ESSAY: Theology Paper on the Town of Jerusalem
jew.txt 8826
ACE ESSAY: Jewish History
jfk.txt 32182
ACE ESSAY: JFS Shooting Evidence
jimmy.txt 6595
ACE ESSAY: Jimmy (Creative)
joe.txt 4012
ACE ESSAY: Shoeless Joe and the Black Sox Scandal
johnny.txt 4479
ACE ESSAY: Johnny Tremain
jordan.txt 3715
ACE ESSAY: Michael Jordan
joyce.txt 7965
ACE ESSAY: Dante's The Hermaphroditic Joyco
jp.txt 9614
ACE ESSAY: Crichton's Jurassic Park
jqadams.txt 6605
ACE ESSAY: John Quincy Adams
judges.txt 12971
ACE ESSAY: Canadian Judges
jung.txt 25340
ACE ESSAY: Gustav Jung and His Works in the Field of Psychiatry
kane.txt 24646
ACE ESSAY: Citizen Kane and Its Accurate Portray of William Randolph Hearst
killer.txt 15257
ACE ESSAY: Killer Instinct (Creative)
killmock.txt 4164
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird
kinglea2.txt 8036
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's King Lear
kinglear.txt 15096
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's King Lear
kingler2.txt 10024
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's King Lear
kq5.txt 3643
ACE ESSAY: King's Quest V
kruschev.txt 13704
ACE ESSAY: Lift History of Khrushchev
kuwait.txt 7035
lab2-1.txt 8579
ACE ESSAY: Response Results from Stimulus
lab4fin.txt 8298
ACE ESSAY: Stroop Phenomenon
lab5.txt 11489
ACE ESSAY: Determining What Type of Stimulus Information is More Easily Remembered
lab_10'1.txt 29896
ACE ESSAY: Science Report: Pendulum Motion
lab_15'1.txt 7699
ACE ESSAY: Science Report: Prism
lab_15'2.txt 14125
ACE ESSAY: Science Report: Reflection
labsafty.txt 12254
ACE ESSAY: Overview on Creating the Safest Classroom and Lab Atmosphere
ladder.txt 7260
ACE ESSAY: Up the Ladder (Creative)
lamp.txt 12109
ACE ESSAY: In the Lamp Light (Creative)
laser.txt 6344
ACE ESSAY: The Laser
laurier.txt 7982
ACE ESSAY: Sir Wilfried Laurier of Canada
lbj.txt 11542
ACE ESSAY: Lyndon B. Johnson
lbookrep.txt 6053
ACE ESSAY: The Great Gatsby
lear-sa1.txt 6169
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's King Lear
lear.txt 4143
ACE ESSAY: King Lear
lebanon.txt 16983
ACE ESSAY: Lebanon
legdrug.txt 5824
ACE ESSAY: Against the Legalization of Drugs
legdrug2.txt 4959
ACE ESSAY: For the Legalization of Drugs
lennox.txt 4681
ACE ESSAY: E. J. Lennox and His Building of a Courthouse
light.txt 6813
ACE ESSAY: What Light Is
lincoln.txt 6123
ACE ESSAY: Abe Lincoln as Civil War President
linear.txt 6071
ACE ESSAY: Linear Programming
linguis.txt 13627
ACE ESSAY: The Study of Linguistics
living.txt 137198
ACE ESSAY: Life is for Living
lord-d.txt 34271
ACE ESSAY: Chapter by Chapter Summary of the Lord of the Flies
lord-e.txt 15214
ACE ESSAY: William Golding's Novel Lord of the Flies
lord.txt 11289
ACE ESSAY: Journal Entries about Reflection on Lord of the Flies
lordfly.txt 11591
ACE ESSAY: Lord of the Flies
lordofly.txt 3120
ACE ESSAY: Lord of the Flies
lordring.txt 7480
ACE ESSAY: Lord of the Rings
lotf.txt 14132
ACE ESSAY: Lord of the Flies
lotf1.txt 4962
ACE ESSAY: Report on the Conclusion of Lord of the Flies
lovehate.txt 5535
ACE ESSAY: Report on Love and Hate
lyme.txt 11626
ACE ESSAY: General Educational Info on Lyme's Disease
mac&jack.txt 4534
ACE ESSAY: Comparison Between Macbeth and Jack of Lord of the Flies
macbeth.txt 14945
ACE ESSAY: Macbeth
mali.txt 5331
ACE ESSAY: The Empire of Mali
malx.txt 3798
mandell.txt 3998
ACE ESSAY: The Effect of Heat Energy on Temperature Change of a Substance
manhatta.txt 8943
ACE ESSAY: Manhattan Transfer
manson.txt 10956
ACE ESSAY: Charles Manson
marcopol.txt 3361
ACE ESSAY: Marco Polo
mari.txt 10127
ACE ESSAY: Dangerous Effects of Marijuana
marijuan.txt 11598
ACE ESSAY: The Legalization of Marijuana
marj.txt 12869
ACE ESSAY: Report on Marijuana
marr.txt 4188
ACE ESSAY: Marriage Relationships
mars.txt 19124
ACE ESSAY: Exploring Mars
martin.txt 3383
ACE ESSAY: Martin Luther King, Jr.
mbeth.txt 6487
ACE ESSAY: Lying, or Equivocation
meakin!.txt 6822
ACE ESSAY: The Industrial Revolution
meechlak.txt 4347
ACE ESSAY: Prince Edward Island of Canada
metis.txt 4802
ACE ESSAY: A Partly French/Indian Tribe in the 1800s
mex_usa.txt 3805
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Mexico's Loss to the US in 1848
mexico.txt 7198
ACE ESSAY: Population and Stats of Mexico
micemen.txt 3120
ACE ESSAY: The Main Characters of the Book Mice and Men
microsur.txt 6945
ACE ESSAY: Reattaching Fingers
mike.txt 3729
ACE ESSAY: Essay on the 1920's and Its Impact
mine-sp.txt 14681
ACE ESSAY: Mining in Space
minor.txt 7289
ACE ESSAY: No One Writes to the Colonel
mithisp.txt 10503
ACE ESSAY: Greek Myths
mlk.txt 10997
ACE ESSAY: Martin Luther King
mock.txt 6108
ACE ESSAY: How the Class Structure and Social Structure of Maycomb Affected Events in To Kill a Mockingbird
mockbird.txt 4889
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird
modest.txt 7124
ACE ESSAY: A Modest Proposal to Jesuit Prepatory School
mohicans.txt 8166
ACE ESSAY: The Last of the Mohicans and its Variants Between Book and Movie
mongo.txt 3770
ACE ESSAY: General Information on Mongolia
moon.txt 14361
ACE ESSAY: Steinbeck's "The Moon is Down"
mozambiq.txt 5869
ACE ESSAY: The Countyr of Mozambique
mummy.txt 7104
ACE ESSAY: Egyptian Mummies
mys.txt 4490
ACE ESSAY: Dialogue of the Ginger Ale Mystery
myth.txt 7551
ACE ESSAY: Report on the Creation of the Universe
native.txt 19636
ACE ESSAY: Indians of New France
natives.txt 8305
ACE ESSAY: Angel and Renewal in Indian Country
nativsun.txt 5863
ACE ESSAY: Book Report: Native Sun
naturism.txt 5444
ACE ESSAY: Man's Attitudes Towards Nature Being Superior
nazi_men.txt 11132
ACE ESSAY: German Government Officials in WWII
nazism.txt 8675
nclr-pwr.txt 13361
ACE ESSAY: Nuclear Power
newshis2.txt 3169
ACE ESSAY: Sports in the 1920's in Canada
newton.txt 9217
ACE ESSAY: Isaac Newton
nicaragu.txt 5114
ACE ESSAY: People, Education, Way of Life, Government, and the History of Nicaragua
night.txt 4533
nonsense.txt 5648
ACE ESSAY: Fairy Tale Nonsense
novel.txt 10781
ACE ESSAY: Conrad's Heart of Darkness
nuke-op.txt 4651
ACE ESSAY: Report on the Options that America has Instead of Spending Money on Nuclear Weapons
nuke.txt 6449
ACE ESSAY: Report on Nuclear Weapons and Their Hazards
oed-essy.txt 4358
ACE ESSAY: Oedipus Rex
office.txt 4713
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Going to the School Office
oliver.txt 78614
ACE ESSAY: A Lesson from oliver (Creative)
origin.txt 3797
ACE ESSAY: The Origin of Humanity
othello.txt 5484
ACE ESSAY: Instruction of Othello Game Strategy
ozone.txt 8617
ACE ESSAY: The Ozone
paine.txt 7539
ACE ESSAY: The English Writer THomas Paine
panamair.txt 10722
ACE ESSAY: Pan-Am Airways
papermk.txt 4971
ACE ESSAY: The History of Papermaking
paradise.txt 4356
ACE ESSAY: Paradise Lost's Connections Being Used Today
pascal.txt 6048
ACE ESSAY: The Life and Work of Pascal
passage.txt 10219
ACE ESSAY: A Passage of Time (Creative)
pearl-1.txt 4857
ACE ESSAY: Chapter I of The Pearl
pearl-2.txt 3049
ACE ESSAY: Chapter II of The Pearl
pearl-3.txt 3394
ACE ESSAY: Chapter III of the Pearl
pearl.txt 8987
ACE ESSAY: The Pearl
penguins.txt 8162
ACE ESSAY: Penguins
phost.txt 6532
ACE ESSAY: Chemical Reactions of Phosphorus and How It Is Important
picasso.txt 20398
ACE ESSAY: Pable Picasso (Spanish)
pilgrims.txt 4025
ACE ESSAY: Pilgrims
pinocchi.txt 11273
ACE ESSAY: Pinocchio
piracy.txt 8262
planbred.txt 5587
ACE ESSAY: Breeding Plants
poems.txt 7323
polution.txt 5616
ACE ESSAY: Oil Pollution
popart.txt 3978
porno.txt 34874
ACE ESSAY: Statuatory Definition of Pornography
pot-rpt.txt 19267
ACE ESSAY: Legalizing Marijuana
pot.txt 18896
ACE ESSAY: Legalizing Pot
promise.txt 6067
ACE ESSAY: The Promise
proposel.txt 4008
ACE ESSAY: Request Not to Ban "A Modest Proposal"
protestn.txt 3509
ACE ESSAY: How the Protestant Reformation and the Counter Reformation were Important to Europe
ptolemy.txt 4922
ACE ESSAY: Astronomer Ptolemy
qaddafi.txt 6729
ACE ESSAY: Muamar Al Quaddafi
quebec.txt 8296
ACE ESSAY: Quebec's Quiet Revolution
r_school.txt 7797
ACE ESSAY: Religion in Public Schools
radar.txt 14561
radical.txt 8393
ACE ESSAY: The Radical Stage of the French Revolution
rainfor1.txt 17593
ACE ESSAY: The Rain Forest
rainfrst.txt 8809
ACE ESSAY: Ecology of Rainforests
raychrls.txt 4495
ACE ESSAY: Ray Charles Robinson
reaction.txt 13900
ACE ESSAY: Holocausts and the Extermination of the Jews
realghst.txt 12759
ACE ESSAY: Real Ghosts
reasonag.txt 4748
ACE ESSAY: Scientists' Contribution to the Age of Reason
redbadge.txt 3466
ACE ESSAY: The Red Badge of Courage
redbofc.txt 5871
ACE ESSAY: The Red Badge of Courage
reflect.txt 5348
ACE ESSAY: To Sir With Love
reforest.txt 6348
ACE ESSAY: Reforestation
relative.txt 16031
ACE ESSAY: Arguments Against the Relativist's Theory
relcorse.txt 3984
ACE ESSAY: Religion and Motivation in Learning
rene1.txt 3841
ACE ESSAY: Facts on Rene Levesque
reprodct.txt 7663
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Man Finding Girl
res2spch.txt 4106
ACE ESSAY: The Republic of Pakistan
resspch.txt 5899
ACE ESSAY: The Republic of Pakistan
revolt.txt 7859
ACE ESSAY: The American Revolution
rfern2.txt 3360
ACE ESSAY: The Ending of Where the Red Fern Grows
rforest.txt 6609
ACE ESSAY: The Jungle and the Rainforest
rights.txt 6623
ACE ESSAY: Why the Puritans Originally Came to America
robots.txt 16048
rockfell.txt 9722
ACE ESSAY: John D. Rockefeeler as a Neurotic
roman.txt 6525
ACE ESSAY: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Roman Catholic Religion in Modern Society
romantic.txt 6547
ACE ESSAY: Romanticism in the 19th Century
rome.txt 4589
romeo.txt 6059
ACE ESSAY: Romeo and Juliet
rpg.txt 24932
ACE ESSAY: Explanation of Role Playing Games
russia1.txt 7675
ACE ESSAY: Comparison of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia
russrev.txt 6833
ACE ESSAY: Roots of the Russian Revolution
rwing.txt 3366
ACE ESSAY: Complaints Against Right Wing Thinking
sandford.txt 4003
ACE ESSAY: Sir Sanford Fleming
satire.txt 3573
ACE ESSAY: The Satire of the Poem "The Princess, the Knight, and the Dragon"
save2.txt 13871
ACE ESSAY: Dos Passos
scarlet.txt 4846
ACE ESSAY: The Scarlet Letter and its Themes
school.txt 3587
ACE ESSAY: Single Sex Schools
sci.txt 107505
ACE ESSAY: Gambling and Science Together
sci2050.txt 5300
ACE ESSAY: Creative Essay on the Year 2050
sciexplo.txt 11907
ACE ESSAY: Technical Explanation of Different Types of Explosives
seawolf.txt 4698
ACE ESSAY: The Book Sea Wolf
secular.txt 4249
ACE ESSAY: Europe's Reformation
shake3.txt 5032
ACE ESSAY: Evil in King Lear by Shakespeare
shakespr.txt 8928
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare Life History and Plays
sherlock.txt 16079
ACE ESSAY: Sherlock Holmes (Creative)
shoe.txt 11110
ACE ESSAY: Essay on Chapters 3,4,5 of Shoeless Joe
sibling.txt 4577
ACE ESSAY: Sibling Rivalry
sir.txt 8970
ACE ESSAY: Medieval Knights
sixties.txt 6306
ACE ESSAY: Destructive Generation vs. The Sixties and Their Message
ski.txt 5312
ACE ESSAY: Skiing (Creative)
skyscrap.txt 14834
ACE ESSAY: Skyscrapers
slavery.txt 5530
ACE ESSAY: Slavery
slr-pwr.txt 3598
ACE ESSAY: Solar Energy as the Fuel of the Future
smoke.txt 5904
ACE ESSAY: Different Viewpoints about Smoking
snova.txt 5985
ACE ESSAY: Supernovas
socrates.txt 4849
ACE ESSAY: Socrates
soviet.txt 9752
ACE ESSAY: The Timeline of the Soviet Union
spain.txt 4891
ACE ESSAY: Spain in the Age of Exploration
speeches.txt 124347
ACE ESSAY: Mark Twain's Speeches
spies.txt 48906
ACE ESSAY: Spies Doing Good
sse.txt 4876
ACE ESSAY: How Failure is A Step Towards Success
ssystem.txt 7058
ACE ESSAY: Origins of the Solar System
stars.txt 28863
ACE ESSAY: Essay on a Star
steriod.txt 5200
ACE ESSAY: The Drug Steroids
stone.txt 10544
ACE ESSAY: The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence
stories.txt 9322
ACE ESSAY: Collection of Story Summaries
storms.txt 4794
ACE ESSAY: Forecasting Storms
storydjl.txt 6520
ACE ESSAY: Don't Just Look in Its Eyes (Creative)
sub.txt 6118
ACE ESSAY: How the Small can Overcome the Powerful
suicide.txt 4571
ACE ESSAY: The Option of Suicide
suprntrl.txt 6197
ACE ESSAY: Macbeth and the Supernatural
surreal.txt 8114
ACE ESSAY: Surrealism
sysanal.txt 4054
ACE ESSAY: The Duties of a System Analyst
tarot.txt 11368
ACE ESSAY: The History and Reading of Tarot Cards
teen.txt 5601
ACE ESSAY: Teenagers and Their Human Tendencies
the.txt 5814
ACE ESSAY: Physical Educaiton within Schools
theodore.txt 5250
ACE ESSAY: Theodore Roosevelt
thesis.txt 7171
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird: Maturing of Jem Finch
things.txt 22532
ACE ESSAY: Doctor (Creative)
thinkers.txt 3960
ACE ESSAY: Notes About Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and Zeno
thrdworl.txt 5672
ACE ESSAY: Canadian Foreign Policy
tkam.txt 6041
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird
tntenews.txt 3732
ACE ESSAY: Business in the 1920's
toffler.txt 4983
ACE ESSAY: Business in the Canadian Environment
tokill.txt 4160
ACE ESSAY: To Kill a Mockingbird
tomlandy.txt 3766
ACE ESSAY: A Report on Tom Landry
tots1.txt 7408
ACE ESSAY: William Shakespeare's The Taping of the Shrew
tots2.txt 5046
ACE ESSAY: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
toxwaste.txt 5948
ACE ESSAY: Toxic Waste
transcen.txt 6815
ACE ESSAY: The Transcendental Movement of 1830
trinity.txt 7227
ACE ESSAY: The Holy Trinity by Masaccio
trudeau.txt 11365
ACE ESSAY: Pierre Elliot Trudeau
tumour.txt 5836
ACE ESSAY: Benign Tumors and Malignant Tumors
turtcrte.txt 5608
ACE ESSAY: Greek Myth about the Creation of the Turtle
tvvilnce.txt 13913
ACE ESSAY: Violence on TV
tvviolnc.txt 8650
ACE ESSAY: How Violence Affects the Kids of Today
ufos.txt 6106
unchaind.txt 11901
ACE ESSAY: Unchained Heritage (Creative)
undergrd.txt 107327
ACE ESSAY: The Computer Underground (College Level)
undrclss.txt 9777
ACE ESSAY: The Urban Underclass
urb.txt 4993
ACE ESSAY: The Economy and Environment of Canada
us.txt 12510
ACE ESSAY: The American Dream
usagovt.txt 5820
ACE ESSAY: The Different Government Forms
usareluc.txt 4989
ACE ESSAY: US Politics and Foriegn Policy
veldt.txt 4250
ACE ESSAY: Ray Bradbury's Story The Veldt
victory.txt 4729
ACE ESSAY: A Line in the Bible About Victory
viennaco.txt 4348
ACE ESSAY: Europe's Congress of Vienna
vir-rel.txt 9985
ACE ESSAY: Insight into Virtual Reality
vlad.txt 7122
ACE ESSAY: A Short Story
vrpaper.txt 29520
ACE ESSAY: Virtual Reality
w_towers.txt 12104
ACE ESSAY: Rethinking the Watchtowers
walterm1.txt 4116
ACE ESSAY: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
warren.txt 10632
ACE ESSAY: Mrs. Warren's Profession
wastreat.txt 6410
ACE ESSAY: Disposing of Toxic Waste
waterwde.txt 4008
ACE ESSAY: Daniel Webster
webster.txt 5984
ACE ESSAY: Daniel Webster
wiredhnd.txt 8950
ACE ESSAY: Robotics
witchslm.txt 3490
ACE ESSAY: Witchcraft at Salem
wolf.txt 22174
ACE ESSAY: Werewolf (Creative)
women.txt 2790
ACE ESSAY: The Outline/Notes for Writing a Woman's Rights Essay
womenold.txt 4572
ACE ESSAY: European History During 3 Periods Where Attitudes Towards Women's Education Changed
world.txt 14782
ACE ESSAY: The History of the World
wright.txt 5923
ACE ESSAY: The English Author Richard Wright
ww-ii.txt 6062
ww1frnch.txt 6509
ACE ESSAY: WWI and The French
wwilson.txt 15067
ACE ESSAY: Woodrow Wilson
x-king.txt 8521
ACE ESSAY: Malcom X and Martin Luther King and their Different Opinions for Ending the Violence
ythclt.txt 18290
ACE ESSAY: Comparison of Margaret Mead's Coming of Age to Russian Youth

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