Ham Radio Textfiles: Modification Files

Ham Radio Modification files make up the most common collection of files that show up in textfile collections, because they're the bits of information that sounded devious enough to sound like they belonged in the file sections of a lot of BBSes people frequented.

The files were necessary because the Government decided that there were certain ranges of frequencies that should not be listened to by anyone. These included Cell Phone frequencies and the like. Instead of asking Cell Phone manufacturers to improve the technology behind their transmissions to protect the users of Cell Phones, they too a Typical Solution. They said that no manufacturer of radio scanners could listen to those bands anymore.

Naturally, this approach stunk on many levels, but one of the results of this law was that scanner manufacturers would simply throw in an extra chip or wire that would disallow the scanner to be used in the excluded frequencies. Suddenly, turning your scanner back into a full-featured piece of equipment merely became a matter of removing that chip or clipping that wire. So, files explaining how to do this for all the brands of scanners became legion. Here are a good amount of them.

Description of the Textfile
2006mod.ham 1699
6400 Memory Channel Modification to the 2006
200xltmod.ham 4406
Bearcat 200XLT Cellular Frequency Restoration
7100mod.txt 8495
How to Modify Your ICOM R7100 To Provide an output Directly From the Discriminator, by Tim Jackson
800trkthd.ham 9467
Messages about Scanning in the 800mhz Range
858.ham 3469
Modifying the Chip on a Early Uniden 858 Chassis
900fone.ham 666
Panasonic 900MHZ Cordless Freqencies
930mod.ham 1193
Modifying the Amtor 930
bc100xlt.txt 7231
A Uniden/Bearcat 100XLT Scanner Preview by Bob Parnass AJ9S
bc140.txt 826
Converting a Bearcat 140 to a 16 Channel Machine
bc200xlt.txt 25204
Cellular Restoration of the Uniden/Bearcat 200/205XLT Test Mode by Bob Parnass, AJ9S
bc200xmod.ham 5145
Bearcat 200 Cellular Frequency Restoral
bc210.txt 4914
Weather Satellite Reception on a Bearcat 210 Scanner, by Steve Warley
bc760mod.ham 1408
Modifying the Bearcat 760XLT for Cellular Frequencies
bc760xlt.txt 4612
Modification of a Bearcat 760XLT for Cellular Phone Bands
bc890xlt.txt 672
Restoring 800mhz on a Bearcat 890XLT
bc950xlt.txt 1276
Cellular Restoration of the Bearcat 950XLT
bcmoddoc.ham 3712
Restore the Cellular Freqs. on Your BC200/205XLT!
cellfone.ham 180329
So You Just Gotta Know Everything About Cell Phones
cellhow.ham 1631
Determining what Frequencies are used in the Cellular System and what Cells use which frequencies
cord-mod.ham 4387
Cordless Modifications, by Bob Kay, Monitoring Times
cordinfo.ham 4096
On Cordless Phone Reception
cordlsph.ham 4024
Making a Cordless Telephone Antenna, by Adam Gott
dj500t.ham 1874
Modifying the Alinco DJ500t for Cellular Frequencies
dj500t1.ham 1495
Modifying a DJ500 to Broadcast Outside of the Ham Radio bands
fl2100b.ham 1698
Yaesu FL2100B 12 Meter Modification by Bill Walton
hr2600.ham 906
Expanding the Uniden HR-2600 for more Frequency Coverage
hr26001.ham 1232
Fixing Up a Few Problems with the HT-2600
hr26002.ham 1339
Getting the Uniden HR-2600 to listen to UHF/VHF
kay-cord.ham 3863
Thoughts of Cordless Phones, by Bob Kay, from the Scanning Report
miscmods.txt 62378
HF, VHF, and UHF Modifications for Almost Everything
mod_19.ham 641
Modifying the Radio Shack Pro-34 Scanner
mx28s.ham 1333
Modification of the AEA DX Handy Radios for Operation from External 12 volt Power
mx28s1.ham 1185
Modification of the AEA DX Handy Radios for Operation from External 12 volt Power (Part II)
pcs4000.ham 1343
Azden PCS-4000 Busy /Scan Mode Modification
pcs40001.ham 1339
Azden PCS-4000 Busy /Scan Mode Modification
pcs40002.ham 1116
Azden PCS-4000 Busy /Scan Mode Modification
pcs6000.ham 1071
Modifying a PCS6000 for 138-160mhz
pro37.ham 10500
Modifying a Pro-37
pro37.mod 5888
PRO-37 Scanner Modifications (September 24, 1991)
r5000mod.ham 11837
List of modifications for the Kenwood R-5000 Reciever
r5000moddoc.ham 12032
Kenwood R5000 Modification Notes by E. Roskos
scanla.ham 6472
Information about the FCC's Scanner Law Notice of Inquiry by Benn Kobb
scanlaw20.ham 3650
Message about the new Scanner Law
scanlaw21.ham 1264
Other Message About the New Scanner Law
scanlaw22.ham 6387
Third Message about the Scanner Law and a Call to Petition
scanmods.ham 11728
Scanner Modification for Fun and Profit, by Hotrod
th215mod.ham 2432
Modifying the Kenwood TH-215A
tm-231.mod 7552
Enabling Out of Band Transmissions of the Kenwood 231a Radio
ts430mod.ham 384
Modifying a TS430 For Cellular Frequencies, in 2 easy steps
ts930mod.ham 7040
Modifying the Kenwood TS-930 Trancievers for Cellular Frequencies
yaesu.ham 4545
Modifications to the Yaesu FT23R and T211R/H

There are 51 files for a total of 453,386 bytes.