With many programs that you downloaded from BBSes, you would often find a little hint of text in the unpacking of the archive, or when you read a file called READ.ME or CALLTHIS.BBS. These were ads for BBSes, and would promise you the world if you called. Some of them go on for a long time, telling you every last detail about the BBS, and some just hint at the greatness you will find when you dial in.

It should be noted that this practice was most popular with pirate BBSes, because they would have many individual programs that they were trying to spread around, and get some fame as being the First and Best at getting the latest stuff. On the other hand, a lot of the major, major BBSes would also "tag" every file in their collection because they wanted people to subscribe to them, so they could make some cash. Fame, money, all in little 1k files.

Description of the Textfile
!digital.!!! 1681
Tag File for the Digital Illusions BBS
!give_me.lsd 936
Tag File for the LSD Institutde BBS
!ixbbs.hpa 1264
AD: The IX BBS (1996)
!legend.ary 1460
Ad for the Skytopolis BBS
!nstall.nfo 731
Tag File: Incognito BBS
$legal$.nfo 1450
Agreement to Evaluate The Software in this Archive from the Software Evaluation Library BBS
002814.txt 1809
Tag file for the Flying Teapot BBS
011114.txt 1947
Tag File for the P.I.T.S. BBS (June 26, 1993)
011594.txt 1201
Tag File for The East BBS
073251.txt 1950
Tagfile for The Pits BBS, September 20, 1993
1000bbs.cmt 783
AD: The One Thousand BBS from Mississauga, Ontario
11.asc 1698
Tag File for Terra Firma
141227.txt 1947
Tag File: The P.I.T.S. BBS
147581.txt 849
Tag File for the Brewery BBS
19.asc 1467
IBM ASCII Tag file for Joe's BBS
1_in9o5.nfo 1304
Tag File: Beyond The Cemetery BBS
1dempire.nfo 3644
ONE DAY EMPIRE: Member List and BBS List
21.asc 1625
Tag File for Dr. Dread
31227562.txt 1301
BBS AD: The Collection
46-8-664.vie 725
Tag File for the Flashbacks BBS
558_5636.818 845
Tag File for the Data Control BBS
7rxv6dlq.nfo 848
Tag File: Silverado BBS
7th_heav.nfo 1249
Tag File: 7th Heaven BBS
86258625.txt 1293
Tag File: Arrested Development BBS 1051
BBS Ad for The Tribe, and for you not stealing anything
^a-v-g^.nfo 2434
Ad for Atlantis Power BBS
_$ynd.nfo 433
Tag File: Syndicate
_elite_.nfo 1373
Tag File for the Elite BBS
_tec_.nfo 1580
BBS Tag for The Electric Circus
_klan_.nfo 3052
Tag File: Kosher Kourier Klan (Membership List) 1983
AD: The Kode Abode BBS
ad 1312
BBS AD: The Country Micro RBBS
ad!cuthe.ere 1264
BBS AD: Abyssimal Dissimulation
ad-2-the.lst 770
AD: The Chattanooga Area BBS
ad.asc 1388
AD: The Slowest BBS List
ad.txt 1664
Advertisement for the Upside Down AE Line
ad6 1972
Tag File for The Complete Tarto
add.asc 1032
Tag File for the Sourcery BBS
adevelop.tag 1327
BBS AD: Arrested Development BBS
adjc.s 1071
AD: Adjacent Reality BBS
akira.dis 1088
akira.txt 4072
Akira Lets You Know The Toronto Pirates Had Better Watch Out
akira296.nfo 925
akiraprj.nfo 1188
Tag File: The Akira Project
akra0995.nfo 805
Tag File: The Akira Project (1995)
alpha2.nfo 4462
ALPHA: Tag File, Member List, BBS List
ambient.bbs 177
Ambient BBS Tagfile
ambiq.nfo 1566
BBS: Ambiquous
amigabbs.txt 534
Tagfile for the EDOX BBS
amn.nfo 7987
AMNESIA: Member List and BBS List
amn0396.nfo 8192
AMNESIA: Member List and BBS List, Feb. 1996
amn96.nfo 4365
AMNESIA: Courier, Member, and BBS List
amn97.nfo 4627
AMNESIA: Courier, BBS, and Member list 1997
anarchy.add 1909
Tag File for the Anarchy BBS
aney.asc 907
Tag File for Aneurysm BBS
aod2.txt 1656
TAG: The Miskatonic University BBS
aof.bbs 634
Agents of Fortune BBS Ad
app_zero.txt 497000
Tag File for COMAX, Scandanavian Headquarters
argosy.nfo 1958
Tag File: The Argosy BBS 1367
BBS: Arrested Development
aseeds.inf 1248
Ad for the Appleseeds BBS in 919
asp.nfo 850
BBS: Alpha Storage Place
assault!.nfo 1187
Tag File: The Nuclear Assault BBS
asylum.nfo 855
BBS: Asylum
axis.whq 1577
TAG File for the AXIS BBS Software World Headquarters
b-t-l.nfo 1706
BBS AD: Beyond the Limit BBS 2176
AD: Babylon 4 BBS
backstge.nfo 1335
Tag File: The Backstage
badlands.txt 1907
NFO: The Badlands BBS
bb-p.inf 2804
Ad for the Bloom Beacon-Picayune BBS
bbs' 1267
BBS: Seven in Heaven
bbs.1st 873
Tag File for the Comnet Luxembourg BBS
bbs1 1621
Tag File for Jack's Place BBS
bbs3 1291
Tag File for Sunlight Through the Shadows
bbs4 1787
Tag File for the TGN BBS
bbs5 1094
Tag File for Seattle BBS
bbs6 1643
Tag file for the NIGHT WINGS BBS
bbs_ads.txt 1645
Tag File for Sarcastic Existence BBS (January 20, 1994)
bbsad_tx.dis 1054
Tag File for Spatula City BBS
bbx.nfo 1631
Tag File: The Bleachbox BBS
bcbadrx.ans 32876
BBS: Bad Medicine (Mammoth File, IBM ASCII)
beastieb.oys 490
BBS AD: The Digital Underground
best.bbs 1519
Tag File for the Software Connection BBS
best.txt 1581
Ad for The File Factory BBS (In Canada!)
beyond.txt 1222
Tag File: Beyond AKira BBS
bforest.inf 1920
Ad for the Black Forest WWIV BBS, Lockjaw the Ogre, SysOP
bhbbcadb.txt 844
BBS Ad for the Dwelling of Nothinness
bholderz.nfo 830
Tag File: Beholderz BBS
biohazrd.asc 890
Ad for the Biohazard BBS
bird.nfo 676
Tag file for the Renegade Legion 1192
BBS AD: The Birdhouse BBS
blabel.txt 920
Tag File: Black Label BBS 484
Tag File for Black Dog Towers BBS
blacksky.lin 1485
Tag File for the Black Skyline BBS
blahblah.nfo 1023
BBS AD: The House of Pain BBS
blakgate.txt 1379
NFO: BlackGate BBS
boards 3470
List of BBSes that provide the zine "Lights Out"
boner.txt 549
Tag File: Boner's BBS
booknet 1379
Tag File for BOOKNET
boomtown.bbs 1215
boomtown.nfo 955
Tag File: BOOMTOWN BBS (Lines Version)
border.bbs 548
Tag File: Borderline BBS
britnet 1749
Ad for BRITNET, British Culture Subnet
bruin 6549
Introduction to the Bruin Network, a Network for Les/Bi/Gay issues
call_her 1801
Tag File for Life and Soul BBS
callfree.txt 15736
Very Large Collection of Interesting BBS Tagfiles
callme.bbs 660
camefrom.bbs 581
Tag file for the Extended Amiga BBS
camefrom2.bbs 1365
Tag file for the Extended Amiga BBS
canada.-1# 1103
Tag File for The Ikarus BBS
cardbig.txt 5459
Carding Information from the Big Guy, including lots of BBS Ad Tags
cartel~1.nfo 3796
CARTEL: Member and BBS List
cc's!.txt 1307
BBS: System Shock 1124
Ad for the Flashback BBS
cdate 1912
Tag file for the Christian Dating Service BBS
cellphone.ham 1040
Ad for the Hotline MBBS
chalkbrd.inf 745
Ad for the Chalkboard BBS, 24 hours a day since 1987
chaos.nfo 1076
Tag File: Digital Chaos BBS 1142
BBS: The State Prison BBS
chem^gen.nfo 1673
BBS: Chemical Genocide BBS
cikczlzw.jni 1019
Tak File: Atlantic BBS
citychao.nfo 2940
Tag File for the City of Chaos BBS 1947
Tag File for KOCKENS BBS
coc.nfo 2495
Tag File: Citadel of Chaos
cockicks.nfo 1324
BBS: The Citadel of Chaos BBS
coffee.shp 1293
AD: Coffee Shop BBS
comment.txt 749
BBS AD: Galactica One BBS
cooln.ess 1199
NFO: The White Sands BBS
craft.nfo 1109
Tag File: Craft World BBS
crashii.nfo 1640
Tag File: The Crash BBS
crc.nfo 2753
BBS: Castle Rock County (December 7, 1996)
crime.yes 754
TAG File for Crime City BBS
crimson.94 4007
CRIMSON: Best of the Best, Member List, and BBS List
crimson9.nfo 3782
CRIMSON: Member List and BBS List
crusader.nfo 1496
BBS: List of Crusader BBS Headqarters
cs.asc 5234
Crainiul Shutdown BBS Ad
cte.nfo 1305
Tag file for the Countdown to Extinction BBS
cwars96.txt 910
AD: Cyberwards BBS
cyberpnk.add 1176
Tag File for the Cyberpunk BBS
d'yermak 1174
Tag File for D'yermaker BBS
d_a_c.nfo 1250
BBS AD: The Duck and Cover BBS
dac_ukhq.txt 1250
BBS: The Duk n' Cover BBS
damage!.nfo 439
Tag File for the Damage Control BBS
darknes 1623
Tag File for the DarkNess Net (Fidonet BBS)
deadline.nfo 2364
desaster.nfo 999
BBS: Disaster Area
devo.nfo 2077
DEVO: Member and BBS List
devwish.nfo 1784
Tag Files: Devil's Wish BBS
dhorse.tag 1895
Tag file for the BIOS BBS
dig_now.288 947
Tag File for the Digital Illusions BBS
dig_und.diz 1431
Tag File: The Digital Underground BBS
digdiv.add 1350
BBS AD: Digital Universe
digi+al.bbs 1521
BBS: The Digital Drug Store BBS
digital 1930
BBS: The Digital Zine
dimented.ans 31894
dimentia.nfo 875
BBS: Dementia BBS
dishpavc.frm 1674
BBS AD: Fucking Hostile BBS 1022
Tag File for the Park BBS 1698
Ad for the Distortion BBS
dizzer.txt 1628
BBS AD: The Lore BBS
dmb.nfo 7870
BBS: Dead Man's Bluff (Excellent IBM ASCII Art) 1538
Tag File for DnA Systems
dod.rhq 973
BBS: Ambient Haze 1038
Ad for the UnderCity BBS
downtown.inf 1213
Ad for the Downtown BBS, Chapel Hill
dpsdead.nfo 1269
BBS: The Dead Pirates' Society BBS
dream.on2 1189
BBS: The Elusive Dream BBS
drugs.{o} 1632
Tag File for the Coffeeshop Zombies WHQ
dtc.nfo 9121
DISTINCT: Member and BBS List
dtext.txt 1262
BBS AD: The Point Blank BBS
dungeon.dis 633
Tag File for The Dungeon BBS
duplex.nfo 1153
BBS: Duplex
dynamite.nfo 1222
BBS List for Dynamite Courier Boards (They're all Private)
east.bbs 1194
Tag File for The East BBS
east.dis 1567
Additional Tag file for the East BBS
ec.txt 1160
BBS AD: The Tin Shack BBS
edbvqild.iyv 1487
Tag File for the Nuclear Cemetery BBS
edgewise.ans 1719
Tag for the Edgewise Online System by Rancid
ei9ye.nfo 2838
BBS: Dolphin Base BBS
elite.bbs 1582
Tag File for The Morgue BBS
elitendo.bbs 1674
Tag file for the Risky Business BBS
elitendo.nfo 1520
Tag File for the EliteNon BBS
elusive.nfo 615
BBS: The Elusive Dream BBS
emc.apl 1830
emc.nfo 2757
Information on Becoming a Distribution Site for EMC
empire.nfo 6095
EMPIRE: Member and BBS List
en_ware!.z_b 1721
Tag File for the Eagle's Nest BBS
entert.inf 2026
Ad for the Entertainment BBS
ep-92.nfo 475
BBS: Enterprize Elite BBS
ep_note.!!! 235
BBS: The Ethereal Plane BBS
eq.nfo 386
BBS: Equilibrium
ethanet.nfo 497
BBS/Node List for The Sub-Etha Net
europehq.bcp 1517
Tag File for Game Over BBS
evhp.nfo 7311
NFO: How to Hack SCL Nets by The EvilHacker
exodus.nfo 5918
EXODUS: Member and BBS List
extended.txt 5413
AD: Introduction to the City Zoo BBS by Kirk Gorman
f-o-t-l.nfo 3016
FOTL: Free On the Line: BBS and Member List
f2.nfo 1776
fast-wrz.nfo 1295
fast.mnc 1064
NFO: The Menace BBS
fc.nfo 485
BBS: The Frelance Couriers BBS
fhood.nfo 876
BBS: Falsehood
fil4_id.diz 314
BBS: Razor 911 Headquartes
finalb~1.txt 860
BBS: The Final Frontier BBS
firm.bbs 998
List of BBSes for the FiRM
flashbak.nfo 622
BBS: Flashback
flats.nfo 1345
Tag File for the Flatliner's BBS
flats2.nfo 448
Tag File for the Flatliner BBS
fluxland.nfo 1634
Ad for the Flux Land BBS
fps.nfo 3629
FILE PROPULSION SYSTEMS: Member List and BBS List (November 10, 1995)
frebeer 1707
Ad for the Hamburger Haven BBS
freecard.txt 1407
BBS: The Anthrox Belgian Headquarters
friends.txt 1940
Tag File for Rusty and Edie's BBS
fringe.bbs 1871
Nice ASCII Art Intro Screen, welcoming you to the Fringe BBS
frl-0420.nfo 4680
FREELANCER'S CREW: BBS List, Administration, Memberlist
fun.txt 1288
BBS AD: Radio Daze AM and FM BBS
fviceoxk.nfo 1514
AD: Pirates with Attitudes European Headquarters (September 30, 1994)
g2.txt 0
Phalcon/Skism's G^2 Version 0,70: The Second Generation of Virus Creation by Dark Angel (January 1, 1993)
galnet.ans 1031
BBS AD: GalacticNet
galzone.dis 993
Tag File for the Galactic Zone BBS
gayblad 1340
Tag File for Gay Blade Net
gba.nfo 1014
BBS AD: Goat Blowers Anonymous
gba.txt 999
Tag for Goat Blowers Anonymous BBS
gdu.nfo 2648
GDU: Grave Dancers Union 1993 BBS and Member List
gecko!.nfo 1196
BBS: The Screwey Gecko BBS
get_it.dis 912
Tag File for Europe's Something
gflyqxhz.fjm 1623
BBS: The Atlantis BBS
ghost.ans 3575
BBS: The Ghost Shadow BBS
gleeek.nfo 1423
BBS: Blob's Island
glory.nfo 4753
NFO: Glory Group and Membership List
gosoft.dis 5120
Tag file for GO SOFTWARE BBS
grand.crk 873
THE GRAND COUNCIL: Member list and BBS List
greek.txt 2922
Welcome Screen for the Greek Inn BBS 824
Tag file for the Green Eggs n' Spam BBS
gsckcdfn.scc 1696
Tag File for the Nuclear Cemetery BBS
guess.txt 1894
BBS: The P.I.T.S.
guruheav.nfo 459
BBS: Guru Heaven
hack-net.txt 12012
How to Hack a School Network, by The EvilHacker
hackcrd.asc 1597
AD: The Hacker Crackdown BBS
hacknet-newapp.txt 5443
HACKnet Network Application Form (January 1, 1996)
hardwire.nfo 946
BBS: hardwire
havenadd.txt 1479
BBS AD: The Haven BBS
head.nfo 1625
BBS: Copperhead 997
Ad for the Hell Pit BBS
hfarule.nfo 11824
HFA: The User Base of the BBS: World of Xeen
hiicq.txt 822
BBS: Digital underground BBS, INC's European's Headquarters
history.txt 10882
ANSI BBS AD: The GhostShip BBS
hitman.nfo 1325
BBS: Hit Man Touchdown BBS
hog.bbs 1094
BBS: The House of Goo
hood.nf1 1652
BBS: The Hood
horse.8bs 1141
Tag File for the Horse Feathers BBS 1483
BBS Ad for Sarcastic Existence
htc.nfo 9971
HTC: High Tech Couriers Members and BBS List
hw.nfo 632
BBS: Hardwired
hwc.nfo 8313
HARDWIRE: Courier List and BBS List
hp.bbs 1526
Tag File for the Hacker's Party BBS
i-o-i.nfo 1576
BBS: Illusions of Integrity
i3+h0ur.nfo 1837
BBS: The 13th Hour?
iamlame.txt 1277
Tag File for the Swelling of Nothingness BBS
iit.nfo 4525
IIT: Israel's Internet Traders NFO FIle (1994)
image.ans 2027
BBS AD: For Image BBS: The Violence in Heaven World Headquarters
ind.nfo 6742
NFO: Indiction Members and BBS Lists 1135
BBS: Infinity Systems
info.doc 2465
Tag File for the Eagles Nest BBS (ASCII)
info.txt 1622
Tag File for the Black Fist BBS
info1 1293
Tag File for the MindeWare Networks
info2 1417
Tag File for the CEL
insanity.nfo 4904
BBS: Underground Insanity
install.nfo 846
NFO: This File Leeched from Atomic Garden
ioi-trsi.nfo 1848
NFO: Illusions of Integrity BBS
jetswhq. 932
Tag File for the JETS BBS
jl80a692.nfo 845
BBS: Silicpadd?
joker.nfo 1348
BBS: The Killing Joke
jurassic.nfo 1261
NFO: Jurassic Park NFO
k0pad-01.ob 1815
AD: Ole Buzzard's BBS
kinetics.nfo 621
BBS: Kinetics
last.rgt 1278
BBS: Last Rights
latenite.add 1728
Tag File for the Late Night Network
lbgusijd.shk 1692
Tag File for GETAWAY BBS
leech.txt 999
Tag File for the Vodka BBS
legal.nf0 748
BBS AD: The Bedlam BBS
legion.nf1 5875
BBS: The Renegade Legion
legion.nfo 1609
BBS Ad for the Renegade Legion BBS
lion 2495
Join LionNet (Neat IBM ASCII Ad)
lit.frm 2261
Tag File for the Lost In Time BBS
logix.txt 1709
BBS: Logic System
logo.asc 893
Tagfile for Cruel Rites
logo_collection_1.txt 448871
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 1
logo_collection_2.txt 500777
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 2
logo_collection_3.txt 425779
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 3
logo_collection_4.txt 418839
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 4
logo_collection_5.txt 433063
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 5
logo_collection_6.txt 463529
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 6
logo_collection_7.txt 442432
The Incredible ASCII BBS Logo Collection (1990s) Part 7
lookat.htt 1078
Tag File for the HighTime Technologies BBS
lore.hpa 1155
lotug.604 649
lounge.nfo 1156
BBS: Catman's Lounge
lunytune.txt 1327
Tag File for the TOON BBS
m_info.txt 2802
Tag File for the Concept Elite
madcap.dis 1328
Tag File for the MadCap BBS
makesure.txt 1018
AD for the HOO BBS (Not the Only BBS in Town)
malevole.nce 4203
malice.nfo 5467
NFO: Malice Boards
maphia.003 10249
FATAL ILLUSIONS: Credit Card Cheat and BBS List
maxx.dis 1684
Tag File for the maxxed Out BBS
mayhem.nfo 870
BBS AD: Method of Mayhem
mcmbbs.txt 931
Ad for the MCM BBS List
meganet 1052
Tag file for MEGANET
mental.nfo 1182
AD: Mental Disorder BBS
meo2 1222
Tag file for Middle Earth Online
mercy 613
Tag File for MERCENARY
meta.nfo 1325
Tag File with Staff List of MeTaMoRpHiSiS (1995) 4178
AD: Metalland BBS, a Cult of the Dead Cow System
midnight.nfo 1770
BBS:L Midnight Resistance
mlpnet 2251
BBS Ad for the NASA MLP BBS of Port Orchard, WA (1993)
mms.nfo 1672
BBS: (I can't read this)
mnc0196.nfo 4899
MENACE COUIERING: Membership and BBS List
modtech.txt 458
Tag File for the Modern Technology BBS
mofavmqe.eyk 821
BBS: Bedlam
mogland.asc 2136
mohawk 1489
TAG File for Shark/Mohawk of United Couriers
mother~1.txt 136
BBS: Mother Lode
mpc.nfo 1218
BBS: The Private Collection
ms.nfo 926
muztreed.nfo 1111
BBS: The Tribe!
nazgul.nfo 1443
BBS: Nazgul's Tower
nemesis 1483
Tag File for the NEMESIS BBS
nether.nfo 1175
BBS Ad for the Netherworld BBS
newmci!.txt 5347
Tag Files for the Omeg, the House, and MCI (August 1992)
newsweek.txt 9166
The Utopia BBS Welcome Screen, Including the Entire Text of "Night of the Hackers"
nha-logo.txt 1490
Logo for the NetWork Hacker Alliance
nland 1475
Tag File for NETLAND BBS
no_1_bbs 1077
Tag File for the OUTER PLANES BBS
noctrnal.asc 2579
noise.asc 955
Don't Call Sea of Noise BBS! (Ad)
nra.nfo 4493
REBEL ALLIANCE: Membership and BBS List
nuc-ass.nfo 1433
BBS: Nuclear Assault
nuclear.nfo 1151
BBS: Nuclear Assault
nuke.diz 1168
nuke.txt 1086
obscene 1838
Tag file for the Obscene Phobia BBS
openbbs!.nfo 910
BBS ad for the Atlantis BBS
opium.ans 1183
NFO: The Opium BBS
origin.txt 585
BBS: The Slave Den BBS Home of the Humble Slaves
osdubwmi.nfo 4499
KORT: Knights of the Round Table BBS and Member List
p80.tag 1471
Call Pirate-80 (P-80) Online Since 1980
p_r_e_m_.nfo 998
BBS: Premiere
pa.bbs 10860
BBS AD: Pleasure Access BBS
pa.nfo 2066
BBS: Parental Advisory
partner.nfo 2625
PARTNERS IN CRIME: Founders, Members, BBS List
pass.alr 220
Tag from Nostalgia 2045
BBS AD: Arisian Studios
patch.txt 1130
Tag file for the Spellbound BBS
pc.asc 1148
Tag file for the PIM BBS
pclink 1241
PC Link: The Fido Techology Network (Tag)
pcohio 1552
PC-Ohio Tag File
penumbra.nfo 1616
pharcyde.nfo 1027
BBS: Pharcyde
phased 1017
phiber.nfo 4472
BBS AD: Phiber Dub BBS
phishnet.txt 1478
AD: The PhishNet Underground BBS (December 29, 1995)
pitsbb~1.txt 448
pl.nfo 1507
BBS: Primary Look
plan.9.asc 896
AD: Call Plan 9 BBS
planetgr.bbs 1447
BBS: Planet Groove
playball.txt 808
Ad for J&J's BBS
playnet 1317
Ad for PLAYNET, an Adult Messaging Network
pleasure.bbs 1122
BBS: Unknown Pleasures
pod.nfo 740
Piss Off Doods Tag File
post.bbs 4505
Introductory Offer to Access InfoSystem's Full Internet Service (May, 1994)
power.nfo 142
BBS: The Power System
predator.nfo 3471
Tag File for the Predatory Nature BBS
progress.nfo 984
BBS: Progress
ptg.nfo 409
BBS: Pentagram World Headquarters
ptr.nfo 1364
BBS: Passage to Reality
purple.asc 384
AD: Purple Hell BBS
purplehell.txt 1224
NFO: The Purple Hell BBS
pwaehq. 1493
AD: The Pirates with Attitudes European Headquarters BBS
quadcon.nfo 1484
BBS: Quadcom Communications
quadrill.ion 782
BBS: Quadrillion
r-o-d.nfo 1530
BBS: Red or Dead
rb.nfo 1038
BBS: Reality Bytes (1995)
read-me.nfo 1656
TAG File for the Empire City BBS 823
BBS AD: Rose Media BBS! 1791
BBS: Dimention XXX
read_me.cb! 696
Tag File for Cerebral babylon BBS 2048
Tag File for ASU Computing Services BBS
read_me.txt 1345
readme!.txt 1840
Tag File for a 600 Megabyte BBS
readme.doz 712
NFO: The Menace Membership List 971
BBS AD: Imp's Isle
readme.skm 1383
Tag File for the AtlantiST BBS 972
This File Passed through Twisted Reality
readthis.sgc 1337
AD: ShadeGate City BBS
readtv!.txt 6555
Great IBM ASCII Tag File for The Void
real.txt 1111
BBS: Real Techno BBS
reality.13 1720
Tag File for the Reality 13 BBS
realm.ans 3747
realmofd.nfo 1398
BBS: Realm of Darkness
recov 1295
reign.bbs 1137
Ad for the Reign of Terror BBS
reign_in.dis 1313
Tag File for the Reign in Blood BBS
renegade.tag 694
Renegade Support
ripbbs~1.txt 285
BBS: Rest in Peace
riskybiz.nfo 1789
BBS: Risky Business
rtn.nfo 1383
TAG File for the Road to nowhere BBS (November 3, 1993)
rts.nfo 11935
NFO: Membership List of Request to Send
rts2.nfo 6992
RTS: Request to Send: BBS List
running.nfo 921
Tag File for the Runing Renegade BBS
santrm.nfo 497
BBS: The Sanitarium BBS
sbbs 3942
Information on the Through the Shadows BBS (1994)
scoopex!.nfo 4402
SCOOPEX: Tyrol/Austria Scenery Disc for FS 5, Member and BBS List
scrue.tag 520
Tag File for the Skeleton Crue BBS, Moraga California
sdescent.nfo 1150
BBS: Shadowy Descent
secret.huh 1021
BBS: Trade Wars
sectec.txt 1089
NFO File: Secret Tectonics
seduced.asc 1656
Tag File for the Seduced Reality BBS
sendit.txt 1378
Apple Net 2 is up! Come Join! (BBS Advertisement)
setup.nfo 1764
Ad for the SPAWN BBS
sgonline.lst 126889
File Listing of Social Graces BBS (March 10, 1991)
shelter.4u 1238
NFO: This File Was on Shelter BBS
shelter.nfo 3018
BBS: Shelter BBS
sin.nfo 101
BBS: Sin City
sincity 1863
sixpack.asc 1041
skankin.nfo 1755
BBS: Operation Ivy
skelter.nfo 632
BBS: Helter Skelter
slight.txt 4182
Ad for the Searchlight BBS in Smithtown NY (On a TRS-80 Model III)
so.nfo 5621
sod.nfo 639
BBS: State of Devolution
soh.nfo 912
solar 1604
Tag File for SolarNet BBS
sonic.asc 974
Tag File for the Sonic BOOM BBs
sos's.nfo 1323
BBS: Sphere of Speed
sos.nfo 590
Tag File for the SYmphony of Sickness BBS
sound.msg 1462
Tag File for the Sound of Music BBS
source.206 3011
BBS AD: The Nostalgia BBS
source.txt 2182
BBS: Source of Reality (With Poem)
spectral.nfo 6308
SPECTRAL: Member and BBS List
spyrits.cry 1118
BBS: Seyric's Crypt
srnrtxt.nfo 2217
Tag File: Omega Base Privae BBS
sth.nfo 982
BBS: Stairway to Heaven
stigma.bbs 914
Tag File for the Stigma BBS
stormwatch.txt 1599
AD: The Stormwatch I BBS in Highland Park, NJ
strike!.s 1303
Tag File for Strike BBS
styx_ad.txt 749
BBS AD: The River Styx BBS
super.bbs 285
support 1425
BBS Ad for Support U BBS
support.bbs 1128
BBS AD: Channel 1 BBS
svduogoe.ggg 1693
Tag file for the SCOTCH BBS
swe!.nfo 2305
Tag File for SWE BBS List
swingnet.bbs 1796
The Swinger's Network Tag File
syncity.nfo 1315
BBS: Syn City
syncnet 2165
SyncNet Tag File (With Nice Drawing of Brazil)
synergy.bbs 989
Tag File for the Synergy BBS (New Jersey) 1425
tdudimxx.nfo 2170
BBS: Underground
techknow.bbs 1514
AD: The Techknow Excalibur BBS Systems
tekat.tag 977
TAG for The Electric Kool-Aid ACID Test BBS
teslabbs.txt 3072
Release for the Nikola Tesla BBS (October 3, 1989)
the!rock.rzr 717
BBS: The Rack
the_pit.txt 1273
BBS: The Pit
thegecko.nfo 1234
Ad for the Screwy Gecko BBS
thekrypt.add 1612
Tag File for the Krypt BBS
thepark.dis 688
Tag File for the Park BBS
theriver.nfo 946
BBS: The River
thevoid.txt 1934
BBS: The Void
tim.inf 3278
BBS Ad for the Illustrated Mac BBS (919)
tinkerin.bbs 2993
Tag file for the Limerick BBS
tinshack.txt 1609
BBS AD: Tin Shack BBS
tips.txt 1025
BBS AD: West Coast Super Regional Host
title 686
Tag File for the Cybernews BBS
titsnet 1117
Tag File for TITSNET (Adult SF Network)
tlorah.tag 1016
tlrsystems.bbs 1396
AD: The Last Resort BBS in Chattanoogs Tennessee
tod.bbs 236
BBS: The Temple of Doom
today.txt 1940
Tag File for Rusty and Edie's BBS
torvrsig.bbs 1299
BBS AD: Virtual Reality BBS
tos.txt 1723
BBS: Tower of Sorcery
touchdwn.nfo 1079
BBS: Touch Down BBS 7175
Great Tag File for TOXICNET BBS Group
tr.nfo 1665
BBS: The Revellion
traders.nfo 1119
Tag file for the Trader's Outpost BBS
trwbbs.ans 1168
NFO: The Real World BBS
ttd.nfo 1003
BBS: Toxic Duvis (?)
ttdpost.nfo 1762
ttmanual.txt 19100
DOCUMENTATION: Tamalpais Technologies - The Login Checker II (1994)
tud.nfo 1372
turmoil.nfo 3826
BBS Ad for Turmoil BBS
tv.nfo 1383
BBS: Terminal Velocity? 1341
BBS AD: Twilight of the Idols
twilight.bbs 1426
AD: The Twilight of the Idols BBS
twilight.nfo 1341
BBS AD: Twilight of the Idols BBS 3430
Tag file for the Hell BBS
typethis.nfo 1083
BBS: Hangar 16 1264
BBS AD: The Cincinnati Computer Connection
ucrez.nfo 1043
BBS: Unhuman Creations
ul.txt 1501
NFO: The Ultimate Legacy BBS
univers 3807
Advertisement for Universenet SF BBS Network
unixbbs.txt 4402
BBS AD: The COnsultants Exchange
unknown.nfo 759
BBS: The Best Remain Silent 3081
Tag File for Unphamiliar Territory BBS
urban.ctr 833
BBS AD: Contour BBS (1994)
userlog.txt 5760
User Log of the Pirates of Puget Sound BBS
usmail 2289
Tag File for US Net Mail, the Rural Community BBS Message Network
uss.nfo 1288
BBS: USS Enterprise
uudw.nfo 4261
uuDW Roll Call and BBS List
uw.nfo 975
BBS Node List for the UNDERWORLD
uwe!.nfo 1908
BBS: The Underworld Element 1523
BBS: The Digital Drug Store
v-o-i-d.txt 1545
BBS: The Void
ventel.txt 949
BBS AD: The Ventel BBS
vhnaguvo.nfo 1567
BBS: Pirates with Attitudes 1098
NFO: Violence in heaven BBS
vip.nf0 1516
BBS AD: Violent in Public
viper.nfo 1026
BBS Ad for the Viper Pit BBS
virtual.hel 6349
NFO: Virtual Hell BBS
vod.nfo 1489
BBS: The Veil of Darkness 10728
BBS: The Void (Incredible IBM ASCII Art)
void.dis 1666
voltage.txt 220
BBS Ad: High Voltage BBS
vpiracy.txt 3724
The Video Game Piracy has Begun! (BBS Ads)
vr.nfo 1037
TAG File for the Virtual Reality BBS
vult.txt 1613
BBS: The Vulture
w&d.add 1535
Tag File for the Wild and Dngerous Adult BBS
wanabe.txt 1092
BBS AD: Dwelling of Nothingness
warehous.e 1776
Tag file for the Warehouse BBS
warez.suk 1072
BBS AD: The Complex BBS
warp10.nfo 1255
BBS: Warp
way2fast.nfo 1250
BBS: Star Maze
wayback.add 1197
BBS AD: Wayback BBS
wbc 20265
West Branch Connection BBS Tagfile and Menu
welcome.ans 2386
Ad for the HELLFIRE BBS (Ansi)
wetdream.nfo 1207
BBS: Wet Dreams
wild1.nfo 4786
WILDCARDS: 25 Node BBS List for Wildcards
wmbbs.txt 1664
Tag for Windsor Manor BBS
woe.nfo 1493
BBS: World of Elite
world.nfo 1371
BBS: The Underworld BBS
wowfile.### 1587
NFO: Waves of Warez BBS
xen.inf 966
AD for the Xen BBS (919)
xpr.nfo 1863
XPR: Xypress BBS List
xpress.nfo 2813
XPRESS Member and BBS List
xpressxx.nfo 5081
XPRESS: Member and BBS List 7147
BBS: Xenocide BBS, with MASSIVE Legal Disclaimer
you&.me 1652
Tag File for Rusty N' Edie's BBS
ytm.nfo 4046
YTM: BBS Upload Processor
z-fs55-1.z-f 749
z00la 1108
BBS: Zoola's Resort
zc.txt 2165
Tagfile for the Creative Thoughts BBS
zc1.txt 1114
Tagfile for the West Coast Institute of Virus Research BBS
zip.cmm 862
Tagfile for the Archives Online BBS
zipcomn.txt 2278
BBS: Midnight Oil
zombies.nfo 1212
BBS: Zombies
zyxx.bbs 904
Tag File for the ZYXX BBS
of.bbs 1742
Tag File: Agents of Fortune BBS (With Agreement)
-ello.132 984
BBS: Tornado of Souls
$!. 11825
BBS: Blades of Steel (Incredible Work)
.out 5149
Information About Checking Out Software From this BBS
spam!.txt 556
BBS AD: SpamLand BBS
ߵ$$. 2433
Ad for the Black Abyss BBS
σԫ.nfo 1628
Ad for the Exclaibur BBS (1993)
ׯӧ.׷ 2790
BBS Ad for Retaliator's Place
յ.nfo 888
BBS: Southern Wastelands
l0wmi.tch 849
BBS: Pentagram
l0wmi.tch 1039
BBS: Pentagram
.nfo 1227
Tagfile for the SCOTCH BBS

There are 567 files for a total of 4,951,245 bytes.
There is 1 directory.

Important Credit: A majority portion of these files came from a site called the Defacto2 Scene Archive, and were acquired and saved by the folks of that group. They've done a wonderful job on the site, and it is highly reccommended that you check it out.